Have you noticed the growing epidemic of bird fatalities throughout the city of Miami? As more and more high rise buildings are being constructed, more birds fall victim to flying into these buildings and being significantly injured or more likely dying. With over one billion birds a year dying from flying into high rise buildings across the globe, it’s vital for high rise building and skyscraper owners to find proactive measures in lowering this alarming number. In addition to fatalities, these incidents lead to considerable maintenance, cleaning, and repair costs. Protect your property while saving bird lives with bird strike prevention film.

Benefits of Bird Strike Prevention Film for Your Miami High Rise Building

Bird strike prevention film protects your property from unfortunate collisions with birds. These collisions often cause damage to glass windows which is costly to repair or replace. Additionally, the cleanup and maintenance of these common occurrences are expensive and can be troublesome as well. Bird strike prevention film can also improve employee productivity so they don’t have to witness these unfortunate events and can focus on their work. Bird strike prevention film utilizes subtle patterned decals that run throughout this specialty architectural film. These decals are subtle to the human eye but very apparent for birds especially when flying through the skies. Birds will be able to notice your Miami high rise and completely avoid them.

Installation Process for Bird Strike Prevention Film for Miami High Rise Buildings

Miami Commercial Window Tinting specializes in bird strike prevention window film projects, providing effective, aesthetically pleasing solutions throughout the Miami area. We promote quick, stress-free installations that won’t interfere with your office or business.

For more information regarding bird strike prevention window film for your Miami high rise building or skyscraper, please contact us or give us a call: (305) 489-1850