Miami is a tourist destination with a high population of residents which makes vandalism and graffiti property crimes that are much more likely to occur. Vandalism and graffiti can really make it difficult for commercial property owners to keep their expensive surfaces in good condition. While security cameras may offer some deterrence, they often fail in these types of property crimes. Vandalism protection window film is the cost-effective solution that gives Miami commercial property owners the opportunity to present the best impression to their customers while saving significantly in repair and replacement costs.

Benefits of Vandalism Protection Window Film for Your Miami Commercial Property

Vandalism protection window film is a specialty surface film engineered to actually mimic the appearance of installed surfaces while concealing existing damage. This highly durable film can defend against acid etching and other forcible vandalism efforts. Great for surfaces exposed to daily wear-and-tear, vandalism protection surface film also defends against minor scratches and daily use. Vandalism protection film is available for metal, glass, and mirrored surfaces. With numerous finishes and colors, seamless, invisible protection is available for countless surfaces. Custom printing is also available for vandalism-prone surfaces that don’t fit into these three categories. As long as the surface is smooth and nonporous, we can create custom vandalism protection window film for it.

Installation Process for Vandalism Protection Window Film for Miami Commercial Properties

Miami Commercial Window Tinting is proud to be the number one source for vandalism protection window film in the Miami area. We’ve assisted a multitude of different commercial properties and businesses throughout Miami in saving money and presenting the best image possible for customers. Once your vandalism protection film is damaged, simply call us and we’ll come to remove and replace it with a fresh piece of film.

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Angus Faith

Angus Faith has been installing window film in the Miami area for over ten years. After moving to Miami from Scotland, he acquired a position as a window tinting technician and eventually transitioned to the sales and project management side of the business. With a background in industrial and residential building construction, Angus draws on his diverse knowledge and skill set to help customers find the perfect window film to accomplish their architectural goals. He is well-versed in all the latest innovations from leading manufacturers such as 3M, Vista, and LLumar as well as industry best practices and uses his professional insight to conduct training courses for other installers. When he's not in the office, Angus enjoys spending time with his family, relaxing at Miami's beautiful beaches, and traveling as often as he can.