Glare Reduction Film in Miami

Solyx Decorative Film Options

No matter what style, look or design you want on your Miami commercial building, Solyx Decorative Window Film will help you create your masterpiece.

Solyx decorative films are available in a wide range of finishes including:

Rice paper
Light diffusing
Static cling
Stained glass
Transparent polyester
Transparent vinyl
Dry erase marker board
Removable construction

Solyx is simple and fast to apply and above all, doesn’t require any expensive structural changes. As a result, your commercial space now has the freedom to choose almost any glass design elements without a long-term commitment. This ease of use makes Solyx Decorative Window Film the smart and affordable alternative to decorative glass.

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Simple. Beautiful. Functional. Solyx Decorative Window Film

Solyx window film is a clear leader in decorative window film arena and the best choice for applications both residential and commercial here in Miami and across the US.  With extensive options for visible light transmission, it allows you to choose how little or how much light penetrates through your windows, while at the same time providing a myriad of privacy levels.  Many of the decorative window films from Solyx fit niche applications as well, from cloaking films that block out screens and monitors only, to whiteboard films that allow for space and cost-effective solutions to providing whiteboard space in commercial settings.  What’s more, the number of colors, looks and finishes are virtually unlimited. This means you get the very best aesthetics for the windows on your Miami home or business with no sacrifice in functionality. To see just how beautiful Solyx window films for yourself, explore the gallery below or click here for a full catalog of Solyx offerings.

Solyx Decorative Window Film Gallery

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