Glare Reduction Film in Miami

Glare Reduction Window Film For Your Miami Commercial Building Or Business

There is no arguing that life here in Miami is beautiful. One thing is for sure, there is no shortage of wonderful sun. But getting a lot of sunshine comes with its drawbacks too, the glare of the sun being one of them. Whether your tenants are trying to enjoy the view of the lovely Miami beaches from their living rooms or simply trying to get some work done in your downtown Miami skyscraper, the glare of the sun is more than just annoying but rather, an out and out impediment. The glare of the sun here in South Florida, especially in south facing rooms can be unbearable. Glare reducing window tint stops the glare and gives your tenants a better life.

Glare Reducing Window Film For Lasting Tenancy In Your Miami Commercial Buildings

Windows are prone to something called solar heat gain, which is when heat builds up on the glass of your windows and then transfers irregularly into your commercial space. Hot and cold spots are the inevitable and undesirable result. Daylight redirecting window film changes all that by stopping solar heat gain at the window and thereby eliminating hot and cold spots. More even temperatures in your office building and less glare means happy, healthy tenants and employees.

In fact, studies have shown this also results in:

– Lower Absenteeism
– Higher Productivity
– More Tenants
– Longer Tenancy
– Higher Value Tenants

Keep your tenants happy and keep them for life by having glare reducing window film applied to your Miami home or business right away!

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