Huper Optik Window Film For Miami Commercial Spaces


Hüper Optik is one of the world leaders in nano-ceramic window films. This proprietary technology offers solar control for both commercial investments properties like no other since it uses some of the best materials on earth.  The results of which are the most durable, high-quality films available on the market today.  Additionally, this film comes in a variety of film types for a variety of applications. For businesses looking for incredible benefits like saving money and creating an environment where top-level employees are safe and comfortable–Huper Optik is a perfect choice.

A Variety Of Applications From A Window Film Industry Leader: Huper Optik

Hüper Optik brand window films consist of an extensive line of energy conservation solutions for commercial buildings in the Miami area as well as films for many other applications.   The strength of the Hüper Optik brand in combination with our deep knowledge of film solutions here at Miami Commercial Window Tinting, allows us to expertly analyze your location and discover the very best Hüper Optik has to offer.  Our industry professionals will give you a complete analysis of your facility and follow with recommendations of the Hüper Optik technologies that best suit your needs. Below are just a few of the amazing, high-tech, window film solutions available for your Miami commercial space.

huper optik window film commercial

Huper Optik Window Films By Series

Providing privacy plus a decorative element is how Huper Optik Dekorativ transforms any commercial space into a functional but beautiful workplace.  Also, the Dekorativ Series provides glare and light control.

Safety in commercial spaces these days should be a high priority.  For this reason, the Huper Optik Shield Series, which provides powerful protection against natural disasters, explosions, burglary, vandalism, and slip and fall accidents is a great choice for safety and security in Miami commercial spaces.

The Fusion Series is a  green technology which is energy efficiency but also offers high-performance, beautiful aesthetics through lovely neutral tones.  However, make no mistake, by rejecting up to 77% of total solar energy, this film dramatically lowers annual energy costs.

Miami Commercial Window Tinting For Huper Optik Installation

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