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Security Window Film For Safer Public Spaces

Since government buildings are funded by taxpayers they are mostly public spaces. One of the biggest problems with public government spaces is they are ideal targets for terrorists, gunman and mass shooters. For this reason, safety and security window films are not only useful but necessary for Miami area government buildings. While no film can call themselves bomb proof or bulletproof bullets, our high-end security films, C-bond adhesives and window framing units here at Miami Commercial Window Tinting, are about as close as you can come. Should an attack occur, the safety windows will shatter but stay intact–keeping glass from exploding and killing innocent government employees and other citizens in the building.

Affordable Exterior Window Refinishing For Miami Public Buildings

In a day and age where tax dollars are tighter than ever, quite a few government buildings are outdated when it comes to the finish of their windows. Some government buildings may even have windows and tints dating back to the 70 or 80s. Today there just isn’t room in our taxpayer budgets to replace the windows in our government and public buildings. However, a significantly less expensive alternative to full window replacement is- exterior window refinishing film. It is the perfect solution to remodeling on a budget because instead of replacing the window itself, Miami Commercial Window Tinting simply replaces or installs a new finish. For government buildings, this means many, many tax dollars saved with little or no downtime for the building itself. The best part is, the new finish on the window allows for the same amazing benefits of window films like UV protection and glare reduction.

Other popular window films for Miami government buildings include energy efficient window tinting and graffiti-shield films for outside and inside the structure.

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