Bird Strike Prevention Window Film

Large cities like Miami frequently experience glass collisions. Running into glass doors they don’t see causes serious injuries to people, animals, and kids. Glass pedestrian walkways, skywalk bridges, and overpasses can all be damaged by distracted drivers. Incredibly large numbers of birds also perish every day after flying into the windows of our buildings, both residential and commercial. Window film that prevents bird strikes offers Miami residents and businesses a way to reduce the risk of glass-on-glass accidents and make buildings safer overall. For difficult-to-see windows, sliding patio doors, glass entrances, elevators, skyways, and more, they are the perfect solution.

The Benefits of Bird Strike Prevention Film

Security is crucial. It is both ethical and environmentally responsible to install bird protection window film on your Miami property. The amazing characteristics and advantages of these cutting-edge window films, which are a true architectural innovation, include:

  • safeguards against bird strikes and window collisions
  • conserves crucial bird species to protect the environment
  • increases window visibility to keep children and pets safe.
  • reduces accidents by making glass overpasses more visible
  • upholds adherence to bird safety laws and building safety regulations

Protect Your Miami Property

A crucial tool for protecting windows and keeping birds safe is bird strike window film. By covering the outside of the window with a layer of visual deception, the fritted glass Bird Strike Window Film inhibits window strikes. The Bird Strike Window Film is put on the window’s exterior and is essentially undetectable from inside the house. The application adhesive for the Bird Strike Window Film is transparent and won’t oxidize or fracture with time. There is a 10-year warranty included with the Bird Strike Window Film. Adding a layer of visual deception to the exterior of the window prevents window strikes, making bird strike window film a crucial tool for bird safety and window protection for family homes.

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Now Offering Bird Divert in Miami!

Bird Divert, an innovative bird safety window film, is designed to protect Miami’s avian inhabitants and commercial properties. Manufactured by National Window Film, this technology utilizes advanced UV technology to make windows visible only to birds, preventing collisions while remaining optically clear to humans. Bird Divert is endorsed by the American Bird Conservancy and holds a threat level rating of 18. It qualifies commercial buildings for LEED pilot 55 certifications and comes with a reassuring 5-year manufacturer warranty. With versatile applications and technical specifications, it’s a win-win solution, preserving bird populations and safeguarding your property’s aesthetics. Contact us today for a bird-friendly transformation.

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