3M: A Time-Tested Household Name You Can Trust

One of our strongest and most popular brands is 3M and for good reason. 3M is a household name you can trust. In fact, for over a century they have proven their dedication to innovation through superior product offerings in a number of fields, not just window film and tinting. In regards to window film, however, 3M started producing high-quality tints and films 50 years ago and has a reputation for continuing to produce new, state-of-the-art window film for a number of applications today. True to their reputation for excellence, all of their products are scientifically designed to increase the interior comfort of commercial buildings while saving you money. A world leader in window film technology, 3M is leading the pack in building a better tomorrow through energy conservation. In fact, the application of 3M window films may even be used towards LEED certification credits for your home or building.

3M Window Film For Residential Homes And Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings benefit greatly from 3M window film because commercial properties spend a huge amount on utility bills and have other unique needs like security.

Other benefits include:

Lower Energy Costs with 3M Window Film
Increased Comfort with 3M Window Film
Reduced Sun Glare with 3M Film
A Safer Home Or Workplace with 3M Window Film

Overall, 3M product offerings increase the performance of windows through years of continuous innovation. The result of which is helping commercial property owners increase the quality of their buildings and ultimately their bottom line.

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