Solar Gard Window Film For Miami

When it comes to choosing a window film, nearly no other brand stacks up to Solar Gard world-class films.  As industry leaders in both the commercial and residential window film sectors, this brand is able to offer unparalleled selection along with assured performance. Also highly regarded for their powerful safety films, with Solar Gard you simply cannot go wrong.

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Solar Gard For Homes In Miami

Solar Gard window film products for homes, help owners make the best of their living space by making it more comfortable.  Beyond blocking glare, protecting family and furnishings from UV rays and regulating temperatures year round, Solar Gard also reduces heating and cooling costs by up to 30%.  Plus, with their wide array of film aesthetics you know you will find the sleek look you want for your Miami home.

Solar Gard For Businesses In Miami

Window film is critical for businesses in the Miami area, not only because of the breadth of sunshine we get but for safety reasons too.  So, while top of the line heat rejection, reduced glare and UV protection for workers and/or tenants the equivalent of an SPF 285 are powerful motivators to have Solar Gard applied on your Miami business–safety and security are even more reasons to consider these films too.  As it were, Solar Gard has some of the best safety films available to keep your Miami spot secure from intruders, protected against natural disasters, hedged against slip and fall incidents and even solutions for graffiti too!

solar gard for commercial spaces

Miami Commercial Window Tinting For Solar Gard Installation

For more information about any of Solar Gard’s incredible films or applications, for home or for business, contact us at Miami Commercial Window Tinting today!

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