Like any largely populated city, Miami experiences higher theft rates and property crimes. As Miami businesses search for budget-conscious security enhancements, it’s vital to find effective systems that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Safety and security film presents an affordable solution for Miami businesses, deterring smash-and-grab robberies and a multitude of different threats. Achieve peace-of-mind knowing your business, property, and valuables are safe even when you’re not there.

Benefits of Safety and Security Window Film for Your Miami Business

Safety and security film provides comprehensive protection for businesses throughout the Miami area. Security film has become increasingly popular among schools, secured buildings, and commercial properties due to its effectiveness and affordability. Security film enhances glass’ shatter resistance and actually holds the broken fragments together inside the window frame. This prevents smash-and-grab robberies in addition to intruders, break-ins, natural disasters, freak accidents, and much more. By holding glass fragments together, it makes it exceptionally difficult for perpetrators to enter your Miami business and also provides longer response time for the police. This passive security system is invisible to the naked eye providing around-the-clock protection even when you’re not present. For more vulnerable areas, ballistic-resistant and bomb-blast film can also be installed strategically for effectiveness and as a budget-friendly decision.

Installing Safety and Security Window Film in Miami Businesses

We always like to begin the installation process with a free on-site consultation in order to determine your project needs and goals. Analyzing your business also allows us to make proper product recommendations including required attachment systems and glass strengtheners/primers in addition to giving you an accurate project estimate. We promise a timely, stress-free installation process limiting downtime for your business.

For more information regarding safety and security window film for your Miami business, please contact us or give us a call: (305) 489-1850