With beautiful sunshine all year-round, residential and commercial properties will need to prioritize UV protection. While many people often forget about UV radiation during the winter, it is just as much as a threat. There can be limited sun protection options out there. It’s important to look for effective solutions to keep your property safe. When it comes to Miami homes and businesses, here’s how UV blocking window film can help.

The Benefits of UV Blocking Window Film for Your Miami Property

  1. Blocks out harmful UV radiation: Window film works by blocking out both UVA and UVB rays. It is effective for up to 99.9% of UV radiation. It also contains solar heat gain properties for comprehensive fade protection. Enjoy an effective solution for keeping the negative effects of UV light out of your property.
  2. Fade protection for valuables: Whether you have a storefront with merchandise or a home with expensive flooring, UV blocking window film delivers the solution you need. Protect your valuables like furniture, window treatments, flooring, art, equipment, merchandise, and anything within direct sunlight. Fade protection provides significant repair and replacement cost savings.
  3. Exclusive window film benefits: Enjoy leading window film benefits like energy efficiency, glare reduction, privacy, decorative, security, and more. Find multipurpose films to make your property more comfortable and functional.

Work With Miami’s Number One UV Blocking Window Film Contractor

Miami Commercial Window Tinting is honored to be the number one UV blocking window film contractor serving the state of Florida. Our team has extensive solutions when it comes to sun protection and energy efficiency. Work with our incredible contractors to discover the perfect investment for your property. We’re happy to provide energy audits and consultations as well so you can learn more about your energy needs. For more information regarding UV blocking window film for your property, please contact us!