Security window film is in high demand here in Miami. This is a good thing! We are happy when the people in our community invest in protecting themselves, their businesses, and the people they love from the danger. When shopping for a film of this nature–be aware there is lots of information out there. Most of it is correct but there are a few things people don’t understand about window film security systems. So we want to clarify and set the record straight on a few things

Surprising Facts About Security Film 

  1. There is no such thing as “bulletproof” window Film:  Many Miami residents come to us looking for “bulletproof” window film. In reality, there is no such thing as a truly “bulletproof” window. The more accurate wording is “bullet-resistant”. Specialty window films in coordination with the specialty C-bond adhesive and window framing systems will stop most bullets. However, any window/glass surface will eventually give way after multiple rounds.
  2. Security Window Film blocks UV rays: Most security window films will protect against UV rays. This makes it an extra-powerful investment! Not only will you be protected against dangers like bombs, ballistics, and break-ns but also increase the health and longevity of your family and furniture. 
  3. High-Power Security Window Film Requires Speciality Window Frames:  Many people believe security film is a stand-alone product. But, to be as effective as possible, you not only need film adhered with C-bond but also specialty window frames. Although this adds cost it also drastically increases the level of safety–even protecting your space from ballistics and bomb attacks.

If you are in the market for safety and/or security window film–reach out to us today for a free, onsite security audit of your Miami space.