Have you ever witnessed a bird hitting a window? Usually, when this happens, people don’t actually see the bird fly into the glass. They’re sitting inside and hear a sudden THUD on the window. Then, they look out and see a dead bird laying on the ground. It seems like a strange thing to have happen, but these events are actually quite common. It’s estimated that approximately one billion birds die in the United States each year from glass collisions.

With such large numbers of bird strikes occurring each year, there’s no denying that it’s a serious issue. Especially when you consider how important birds are for the natural ecosystem. Birds do a lot to keep the earth clean by eating food wasted by humans and controlling ant and other insect populations.

That’s why it’s so important for us to think about ways we can protect them like installing bird strike window film. Bird safety film offers Miami property owners a convenient way to get rid of problems associated with birds hitting windows and keep animals safe. Here’s how it works.

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Why Do Bird Collisions Happen?

Before we dive into how bird safety film works, let’s talk a little bit about why they happen in the first place. The main reason that birds fly into windows is that they can’t tell that they exist. Most windows in modern buildings have a shiny surface and are highly reflective. Birds don’t know what reflections are and they can’t tell the difference between a mirrored image and the real thing. All they see is the image being reflected back at them. This image is usually a reflection of themselves or a nearby tree, so they:

  • Try to attack the window because they mistake their reflection as being another bird
  • Or, try to land on what looks like a shady tree branch or good nesting spot
  • bird window film miami

    How Does Window Film Work to Prevent Bird Strikes?

    Window film helps prevent bird strikes by altering the way that reflections look on glass. They use patterns or textures to jumble up images or distort them. That way, they look less like the real thing and birds know not to fly towards them.

    Studies show that bird safety window films are one of the most effective ways at preventing glass collisions. In fact, they’re even endorsed by the American Bird Conservancy. They can be used on windows of any shape or size, located in any climate.

    Learn more by reading this brochure from Solyx: Bird-Strike-Window-Film-Miami

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